About Us

Tech Juris Law Consultants

Born in 2001, TechJuris Law Consultants is a boutique law and consulting firm specializing in technology laws and digital evidence.

At TechJuris, we have had extensive experience dealing with:

  1. Legal strategy and consulting relating to clients’ businesses;
  2. Intellectual Property issues, especially relating to software licensing and domain name disputes;
  3. Techno-legal issues in online auctions, gaming and gambling;
  4. Encryption and Public Key Infrastructure;
  5. Inspection of digital evidence in regulatory investigation;
  6. Cyber forensics, E-discovery and digital evidence analysis;
  7. Reactive cyber security;
  8. Public Policy relating to cyber crimes and digital signatures;

With more than two decades of collective experience dealing with technology law, which forms the core of our practice, no facet of technology law practice is hidden from us. We have advised multinational corporations, government organizations, law firms, professionals and individuals alike in complex issues involving digital evidence and electronic commerce.

Whether it is reviewing contracts, advising our clients on the best possible way to avoid litigation or to litigate, formulating a comprehensive legal strategy for the smooth functioning of their businesses, providing litigation support or representing them during litigation, our involvement in client issues is total and complete, creating enduring solutions.


The TechJuris team has had extensive experience dealing with every area of cyber crime law. This extends to legislation, prosecution, defence and evidentiary issues relating to digital evidence.

We have also dealt extensively with legal issues concerning various Internet based businesses including online gaming and gambling. This has not only involved giving professional opinions on the legality of such sites but also structuring and drafting the relevant commercial contracts and other documentation required to implement these businesses.

Our team has handled legal issues relating to encryption and digital signature implementation on various fronts. In these fields, members of the TechJuris team have helped draft relevant subordinate legislation for the Department of Information technology, Government of India. These legislations affect the working of Internet Service Providers and policies relating to implementation of public key infrastructure in India.

On the intellectual property law front, we have extensive experience with structuring and vetting licensing contracts and assignment deeds related to software development. We have also strategized formulation of intellectual property policies after having determined the creative strengths of organizations. We have helped organizations with registration and harnessing of intellectual assets whether such assets consist of software, brand names or semi – conductor designs.