Technology Contracts

Technology Contracts

We are experts in Negotiation, Drafting, Vetting and Reviewing of Technology Contracts.

At Techjuris, we understand that negotiating, drafting, vetting or reviewing technology contracts requires as much knowledge of the technology involved and the client’s business as much as law. Standing at the crossroads of both, law and technology, we are able to reconcile both fields and create contracts, which are unambiguous, precisely worded and require minimal negotiation, saving precious time.

Thus, we facilitate our clients to do what they do best; business, at the speed that they want. From the processes involved in wine making to wind power generation, we operate across the technology spectrum and possess the unique ability to understand any technology, subsequently applying that in every stage of a contract, be it Negotiation, Drafting, Vetting; or Reviewing.

In this area of our practice, we have advised,

  1. A wind energy engineering and design multinational firm on its various contracts with manufacturing firms in Europe and Asia;
  2. An upcoming wine major with its contracts and the legality of its advertising campaigns;
  3. A highly innovative machine tool manufacturing firm with its contracts and overall legal strategy;